The Value of Giving Back – The Social Return of Charity

Webinar: The Value of Giving Back – The Social Return of Charity Shops

CRA charity members – join us for a very special Social Return on Investment (SROI) webinar, where we will share the results of the first ever report on the social value of UK charity shops.

Thursday 2 November 2023, 10am – 11am

We have been working in partnership with SROI specialists to produce the first ever report calculating the social value generated by UK charity shops. The research has been conducted following the SROI framework, published by the Cabinet Office of the UK Government.

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“The sheer extent charity shops influence social cohesion, lived experiences and the impact of giving back to people and to the planet is staggering. Foot Anstey is proud to be a part of this opportunity to highlight the immense value of charity shops to society. We look forward to this webinar to explore how we can build on this impactful research to re-evaluate the true role of the sector, our strategies, public policy and perceptions.”

Supported by legal specialists Foot Anstey, in this webinar we will share the key highlights of the report ‘The value of giving back – the social return of charity shops’, and show you how to use the CRA’s SROI toolkit to report on the social value generated by your charity shops. With special guest speaker, Nicola Lynch, Social Value Consultant and Impact Management Specialist at LynchPin Support.

Read more and book here (CRA charity members only)

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