Why not be a good cause Santa Claus this Christmas?

With the festive season upon us, many people are scrambling to find a Secret Santa gift in time for their upcoming Christmas parties. If you are looking for something more personal for your recipient than the boring old box of chocolates or bottle of booze options, then why not join the Good Cause Santa Claus campaign and have a look in your local charity shop? Not only will this be cheaper than larger retailers and therefore be within your Secret Santa price limit, you’re also guaranteed to find unique items. Whether it be clothing, bric-a-brac, books or anything in-between, you’re sure to come across something special that anyone would love to receive.

The person you are buying for won’t be the only one to thank you for this, the environment will too. Shopping sustainably is vitally important in the wake of the worsening climate crisis facing our planet. The fashion industry comes second only to the oil industry on the list of the world’s biggest polluters, so if clothing is your gift idea, the earth would be grateful if you’d go down the charity shop route. Your recipient will be appreciative of this as well, as charity shops offer some beautiful vintage and modern gems that you’d be hard pressed to come by in a regular clothing store. Fast fashion retailers that are constantly making global warming worse with their practices don’t need more support than they’ve already got, especially at Christmas when everyone is out shopping in full force.

If the genuine smile on your recipients face and the environmental benefits aren’t enough, charity shopping also means you are donating to worthy causes rather than massive corporations. Isn’t bettering and potentially saving the life of a person or animal in need more desirable than putting your hard earned money into the pockets of millionaires and billionaires? You could help pay for a vet treatment for a poorly animal, or research to help fight horrific diseases, or one of the many other noble causes worth fighting for. If you buy from a charity shop, both you and your recipient can feel good about the gift you choose to give. Nothing says Christmas like helping those in need!

Guest piece written by Georgia Hansen, Journalist | Twitter: @georgia_hansen

We’d love to hear about your involvement with this campaign, so let us know by using the hashtag #GoodCauseSantaClaus on social media, and be sure to send an email over to yasmyn@charityretail.org. Doing so will mean you’ll be recognised for your support on our website and newsletter. Spread the festive cheer this Christmas by joining the campaign yourself and getting those around you involved.