Will you be a “Good Cause Santa Claus” this Christmas?


Our annual campaign #GoodCauseSantaClaus returns to encourage Christmas shoppers to purchase from charity shops this Christmas. We are calling on the public to pledge to buy presents from charity shops and to help us spread the word about the wonders of preloved.

The popularity of second-hand is booming as people embrace the fun of finding pre-loved treasures. Many people now prefer second-hand items over new*. Second-hand gifts are also great for the environment, reducing the volume of new items that need to be produced and shipped around the world every Christmas, as well as minimising waste by giving items a second life.

Buying gifts from charity shops means that, as well as buying a unique wonderful gift for a loved one, you are also helping a good cause. Alongside buying charity Christmas cards, buying second-hand gifts is a great way to support good causes that both you and the person you are buying a gift for care about.

There is a vast range of gifts available in charity shops including:

  • Vintage clothing for the style-conscious
  • Hats, gloves, and other winter accessories
  • Homewares for the house-proud
  • Vinyl records for music buffs
  • Books for bookworms
  • Jewellery, bags and accessories to brighten up any outfit
  • Antique and vintage pieces and collectibles

How the public can take part in #GoodCauseSantaClaus:

  • Buy second-hand gifts from charity shops
  • Use our charity shop gift insert (see below) to let the recipient know that the gift is supporting a good cause and the environment
  • Share our #GoodCauseSantaClause social media content : square / rectangle
  • Use the hashtag #GoodCauseSantaClaus

How charity shops and online charity retailers can take part:

  • Share our social media content on your platforms: square / rectangle
  • Display a poster: A4 portrait / A4 landscape
  • Use the hashtag #GoodCauseSantaClaus to highlight items on sale that would be ideal Christmas gifts on social media

* A poll carried out by YouGov found that over 40% of charity shop shoppers actually prefer second-hand items to new.