World of Books Group and Virgin Money Giving Support Charity Shops

  • World of Books Group launched their partnership with Virgin Money Giving in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown
  • Unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games can be turned into cash donations for charity from home
  • Many charity shops facing a deluge of donations and are expected to struggle to cope with the increase
  • Shops are required to store items for 72 hours before display and many are working with a reduced volunteer workforce, placing them under significant pressure
  • Service offers an alternative way to donate the value of unwanted items to charity as stores get back to normality

In March World of Books Group launched an innovative new partnership with Virgin Money Giving, offering a unique and alternative way to donate unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games to charity. The partnership launched for #GivingTuesdayNow, a day of global fundraising to help charities overcome the challenges caused by the coronavirus crisis and has so far raised thousands for good causes.

Now, the partnership are offering their support to charity shops as they reopen and help combat the deluge of donations that are expected to place the sector under significant pressure[1].

The prolonged lockdown period has presented the perfect opportunity for many to declutter and reorganise their homes. And as charity shops reopen their doors after months of closure, many are rushing to donate their unwanted items and help the sector transition to the ‘new normal’. And whilst shops are excitedly gearing up to receive fresh stock for their customers, a sudden influx of donations could cause problems.

Government guidance requires items to be stored for 72 hours before display, placing a significant strain on shops with limited backroom space. Many are also working on a reduced volunteer workforce, leaving them with limited resources to tackle the growing piles of donations. To combat this, some charity shops are asking donors to call ahead to ensure their donations can be accepted[2].

The donation service provided by Ziffit, in partnership with Virgin Money Giving, offers an alternative way to donate the value of unwanted items to charity and could help towards overcoming these challenges. To help ease the pressure on the charity retail sector, the partnership have produced a range of resources to help the charity retail sector encourage donors to consider an alternative way of donating items as they reopen their stores and get back to normality.

Richard Salt, Group Commercial Director at World of Books Group said: “We’re incredibly excited to see charity shops finally reopening and we’re working to get our Charity Collection and Recycling Service back to full capacity. We recognise that shops are opening under significant pressures and challenges right now and the services provided by Ziffit can help ease some of this pressure in the meantime.

We’re so proud of our partnership with Virgin Money Giving. It has so far raised thousands for good causes and we hope it will be useful for charity shops to raise more vital funds.”

Jo Barnett, Executive Director at Virgin Money Giving said: “Many of us have taken the lockdown to spring clean our homes, placing many items aside to donate to charity shops once they reopen. But with shops experiencing unprecedented levels of donations and many struggling to cope, we’re pleased to be able to help by offering an alternative way to donate the value of unwanted items to charity and ease some of the burden.”

Charity retailers can download a range of promotional items to be used in-store or across social media to encourage donors to support their charity by recycling their unwanted books, games, DVDs and CDs using Ziffit, the free app and online trade-in service. Without leaving their homes, donors can scan the barcode on their unwanted books and media through the Ziffit app or enter the details manually online and get a cash value which they can then pass, via Virgin Money Giving, directly to a charity of their choice. All the funds raised will go to their chosen charity and if they are a UK taxpayer, that donation can be bolstered by an additional 25% in Gift Aid too. The service is completely free and goods can be collected safely by a Ziffit courier service.

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