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A Good Thing for the charity retail sector

A Good Thing matches wonderful UK charities with businesses that have things to donate: helping charities while providing businesses with an ethical means of disposing of unwanted goods. Less to landfill and more to a good cause!

All sorts of weird and wonderful items have been saved from landfill – from theatre props, T shirts and stationery to aluminium cans, laptops and candles.

Lots of the items listed on the platform would be great candidates for being sold in charity shops – and indeed we have charities that use the site for precisely this purpose. We have had gift-type items listed (like brand-new candles, socks and perfumes), as well as furniture and homewares that would be well suited to being on a shopfloor. We also have businesses donating fixtures and fittings for shops.

It takes just 30 seconds to create an account at www.agoodthing.org.uk/signup, and then you’ll be able to start receiving email alerts straightaway about items that are on offer nearby. (If you’d like to give things away to other charities from your stores, you can create listings to do this as well – just like you would on a site like eBay.)

As soon as a charity signs up with A Good Thing, it is also able to share its ‘charity needs’ with us – the things it’s looking to get hold of. And these could be items that you’d like to sell in your shops. We’ll do our best to reach out to the local business community, to meet those needs.

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