Profit contribution of charity retail to parent charities£387m in 2022/23 1
Social value generated by UK charity shops £75.3 billion in Jan-Dec 2022 9
Average transaction value in a charity shop£7.02 in October-December 2023 (sample 51 charities)2
Amount of textiles kept from being disposed of each year339,000 tonnes in 2018/19 3
Number of people employedMore than 26,100 FTE employees 4
Number of volunteersMore than 187,200 volunteers 4
Number of charity shopsC. 10,200 5
Proportion of income from new goods sales13.8% in October-December 2023 (sample 58 charities) 2
Sample info on average price per itemUK, median prices:
Womenswear: £4.5; Examples from the womenswear category: blouses, tops and knitwear: £4, skirts and trousers: £4, dresses and suits: £6.5 6
Menswear: £5.01; Examples from the menswear category: shits, t-shirts & knitwear: £4.5, trousers £4.61 6
Proportion of all retail units which are charity shops3.3% 5
Proportion of empty shops across GB14% in Q4 2023 7
Amount charity shops save councils in waste disposal chargesAt least £31 million each year by diverting 339,000 tonnes of textiles away from landfill or incineration 8
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Updated May 2022