The Charity Shop Gift Card

The CRA is proud to be supporting an initiative to offer a national charity shop gift card in the UK. The Charity Shop Gift Card will help to drive footfall into charity shops so they can access the huge (currently £6bn) and growing gift card market by offering a single gift card that can be redeemed at any participating charity shop.

The gift card is available to consumers here. It is also sold via supermarkets and other major retailers. CRA members also have the option of selling the cards and generating income.

The scheme also seeks to work with agencies that sell gift cards to businesses (B2B sales represent 45% of the entire gift card market) the key channel being support agencies that provide financial assistance to individuals and families.

There are no costs to join the scheme but retailers will be charged a percentage of the value on the transaction. In order to accept or redeem cards, retailers need to have their EPOS company integrate the gift card. Almost all of our corporate member EPOS companies are supporting the scheme.

To register your interest, find out more about the scheme and see which charities are already signed up, please go to The Charity Shop Gift Card website.

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