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Latest news: Last chance for our live workshop!

Last chance to join us on 5 March for our up in-person VM Workshop Masterclass! Our in-person and online live sessions provide a bespoke experience, combining prepared presentations from our professional tutors with live questions and interactive elements.

Kat McLennan

Visual Merchandising Masterclass, 5 March

A practical one-day workshop equipping delegates with the skills and confidence to implement impactful Visual Merchandising principles into any space. We will explore ways to engage customers, refresh stores and maximise sales at no extra cost. The session will be hands on, using typical charity shops fittings and products to give delegates the most relevant and practical experience. Only a few spaces available. Book your place now to ensure a spot. Read More


Mental Health First Aid Qualification Package: 4 – 25 June (5 Sessions)

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an internationally recognised training course which teaches people how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. This package gives access to 4 sessions to gain the MHFA qualification and a unique 5th session applying your learning to a charity retail setting. Read more

“The course was hosted by the lovely Kate who explained everything very well, even it was difficult for me at the beginning. It helped me more understand MH problems and I would be able to notice and help those in need, including customers, friends and family.”


Get the most from your leftover budget

At this time of year, you can find yourself with a bit of money left in your expenditure budgets. Sometimes it’s because you’ve managed to get better deals than you’d hoped. Other times planned and budgeted-for work just hasn’t happened. That may be because of things like time pressures and staff shortages – or just dealing with those curve balls that can come out of the blue in our sector. Well, here’s the good news. We have a way that you can put that underspend to good use – and will reap rewards for you well into the future. Read More

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What is Charity Retail Learning?

Charity Retail Learning is a partnership between The Charity Retail Academy and the Charity Retail Association providing online and face-to-face training to charity retailers. As two organisations dedicated to charity retail, we saw an opportunity to come together and provide low cost, relevant and accessible learning opportunities – a one-stop shop of learning opportunities designed by and for charity retailers.

Courses cover a range of subjects including health & safety, volunteering, customer service, ecommerce and other charity retail essentials. Browse the course list at Charity Retail Learning.

Most courses are short, interactive online sessions that learners can work through on a laptop, tablet or phone, making them really accessible for staff and volunteers – including shop teams. We also deliver live webinars on a range of topics via Zoom and longer face-to-face sessions either for individual teams or groups made up from multiple organisations.