Latest charity retail news

Transgender fashion show styled by charity retailer
A transgender fashion show, preceding London's first trans Pride march took place at City Hall, London, raising funds for CliniQ, an holistic sexual health and well-being service for trans people, p
TRAID's Taking Stock report reveals threat to charity textile banks
All our members rely on donations from the public to stock the UK’s charity shops, and for many charities, textile banks are a vital source of clothes donations. But they are under threat. TRAID’s
TRUST: launch of new accreditation standard for recyclers trading with charity shops
TRUST - a new accreditation standard for recyclers who trade with charity shops launches today (9 September).
Charity retailers see growth despite challenging trading conditions
The latest Quarterly Market Analysis Report for April to June 2019 saw another period of growth for the charity retail sector.
We welcome Charity Tax Commission report on reforming charity taxation
We strongly welcome the Charity Tax Commission’s report on reforming charity taxation.
Charity shops and local authorities working together
We strongly believe that when charity shops and local authorities work together in partnership the benefits are shared among the council, the shop, and local residents.