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Charity retail sector outlook: 6

26/10/2023 This month showed an overall year on year growth in September of 6.1% (August was 4.8%). Again a very solid LFL performance, especially compared to a very strong equivalent period in 2022.

Why working in charity retail is such a rewarding career

11/10/2023 Unlike traditional retail, where the focus is primarily on profit, charity retail allows you to contribute towards a cause. Working in charity retail isn’t just a job; it’s also an opportunity to make a real difference. Read on to find out why it’s a path well worth pursuing.

Creating a CV for charity retail

11/10/2023 A CV is a summary of your work history, education, skills, and achievements. But in charity retail, a well-crafted CV might just be your ticket to making a positive impact in the world! Whether you’re new to charity retail or a seasoned professional looking for a new opportunity, here are some brief tips to help make your CV stand out from the crowd

The importance of a strong work force

11/10/2023 The Precycle Group is a family-run business, driving sustainability through reuse initiatives since 1999. The group, through a cluster of companies and supply chain partners, divert over 600 tonnes of reusable materials each week from landfill, providing a great service for clients and driving income through continuous innovation.

Charity Shop Fashion Week 2023: Day 6

02/10/2023 Here’s our round up of day 6. You can find all posts, plus video and reels across our social media channels. Thank you to all the charities and influencers below for taking part in our campaign.