Charity Retail and Recovery from the Lockdown

The influential House of Commons Business Select Committee is undertaking an inquiry into what steps the UK Government needs to take to support economic recovery. The charity retail sector was hard hit by the closure of “non-essential” retail, and during …

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Guest blog: Charity Retail Consultancy

HOW DO WE GET ENOUGH VOLUNTEERS INTO OUR CHARITY SHOPS NOW WE’VE REOPENED?  Pic: Phyllis Tuckwell shop, Guilford At The Charity Retail Consultancy we recently undertook a survey of almost 300 charity shops to find out their biggest reopening challenge …

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Covid-19 Secure Assurance Audits

Guest Blog by Pete Thomas, Head of Audit & Compliance at Lodge Service UK Through the Covid-19 pandemic, times have been daunting and extremely demanding to ensure appropriate processes and procedures have been put in place. Changes have affected not …

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