Acorns Children's Hospice pop up, Solihull

Acorns Children’s Hospice runs pop-up shop to support refugees with The Charity Shop Gift Card

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council recently provided refugees with £20 Charity Shop Gift Cards, offering them the opportunity to acquire clothing and essentials from local charity shops. 

Supporting this initiative, the team from Acorns Children’s Hospice’s Shirley shop decided to extend their support by hosting a dedicated pop-up catering specifically to the needs of refugees in the hotel where the refugees are currently staying.

The pop-up shop offered a wide array of clothing items ranging from warm winter wear to everyday essentials. The Acorn’s team of Kirsty Pugh, Mandy Callaghan, Sarah and Paul, supported by Lee Fellows of The Charity Shop Gift Card, provided a welcoming and supportive environment for the refugees.

The initiative provided much-needed assistance to those displaced from their homes by offering them essential clothing items and demonstrated how The Charity Shop Gift Card can be used by councils and other support agencies to allow residents to shop with the dignity of choice.

The event was so successful that a second pop up is being planned for next month.

Learn more about The Charity Shop Gift Card here

26/02/2024 07:40