The Charity Retail Award winners 2023

Celebrating retail voices: Kelly’s Charity Retail Awards journey

Kelly Marshall, Administrator, Charity Retail Association

Kelly Marshall

The Charity Retail Awards entry period is an exciting time for me as I get to take charge of the process, from nominations and finding judges, to promotion, shortlisting and sneakily trying to arrange how winners can be in the audience without giving too much away.

Looking back on 2023, I am still blown away by the volume and quality of the entries we received. There were even some that brought a tear to my eye! For me, it’s these stories that highlight the significance of what we do. I expect this year to be no different, both for volume and quality of entries, as well as for tear-jerkers. I am looking at you, Volunteer of the Year and Young Volunteer of the Year!

Part of my role is to collate and anonymise entries before they are sent to our panel of judges. Fortunately, I love to read, and I have a keen eye for detail. That not only makes the task manageable, but actually, genuinely enjoyable! I feel honoured to be privy to the nominations and I appreciate the effort that goes into each and every one.

This is my second year working on the Awards, and I look forward to seeing the nominations roll into the inbox. One of the most rewarding aspects of my role is this clear indication of the dedication and passion that is a big part of our sector. I wholeheartedly encourage all of our members to nominate. It’s a brilliant opportunity to shout about your charity! There are also a diverse range of categories; see them here.

You are clearly all winners in our eyes, but if you don’t get top spot we still use entries as articles, case studies, session topics and other resources.

This year, I am especially excited to see the entries for our Social Value award. This is a brand-new category for the CRA’s 25th anniversary year and it is an important one, as it will highlight the work that charity shops do to improve people’s lives and wellbeing. Coming off the back of our ‘The Value of Giving Back – The Social Return of Charity Shops’ report, it will be interesting to see how our members are interpreting the social value of their own stores.

The Awards are such an important part of Charity Retail Association’s year and one of our highest profile activities, gaining attention from press and media every year. It is a chance to honour you, our members. The awards not only provide recognition, but they also help to serve as a beacon for charity retail. By spotlighting the efforts and achievements of our members, we celebrate their contributions and inspire others. The awards foster a sense of camaraderie and solidarity, bringing us together in our shared commitment to making a positive impact in the world!

Essentially, the Charity Retail Awards showcase the spirit of humanism and excellence that is at the heart of our sector. Let’s celebrate the extraordinary individuals and organisations within our community, and let’s see those nominations!

05/04/2024 19:19