Charity Retail Conference and COVID-19 update

09/08/2021 12:51

We are looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to the Charity Retail Conference on 9-10 September. At the time of writing we have over 150 people registered from 63 charities – there is a great feeling of optimism about!

We said we would keep you updated about what measures we will be taking and how we will be helping to keep you safe. Since the easing of restrictions on 19 July appears to have been a success, at least at this stage, we don’t have a great deal to report, but here are some things that you might like to note:

  • The number of participants will be restricted to prevent overcrowding
  • We will not be requiring proof of vaccination but we would recommend taking a lateral flow test prior to arrival at the venue
  • All rooms will have the maximum possible amount of ventilation – so make sure you are warmly dressed!
  • Spacing between seats will be increased where possible
  • You will not be required to wear face coverings, though of course if you wish to do so that is a personal choice which we hope everyone will respect
  • Social distancing will not be required, however we would recommend avoiding any particularly crowded areas, and we will try to clear any bottlenecks that may occur
  • We will ask people to respect others’ sensibilities and be considerate
  • Hand sanitising stations will be available at the entrance to all rooms and areas, and we would recommend that you make use of them
  • Regular cleaning of the venue will take place
  • If you are showing any COVID symptoms, have recently tested positive for COVID or are required to self-isolate you will not be allowed to participate at all (obviously) and we will transfer your conference fee to next year
  • The venue and CRA are about to undertake a risk assessment for the event which we will make available to participants

As promised we are keeping a close eye on developments and are in continuous touch with East Midlands Conference Centre, who will by September already have run several large scale conferences. Obviously we will inform you immediately if any change or additions to the above need to be made, and if the risk assessment needs to change.

If you have any concerns or are worried about any of the above please contact Marie Moss on