Amy and Louisa, Birketts

Charity retail meets Charity Law – Birketts LLP sponsors the Charity Retail Conference 2024 app

Birketts LLP is thrilled to be this year’s sponsor of the CRA’s Charity Retail Conference 2024 app.

Do take a look at the Charity Retail Conference app ahead of, or during, the conference for the opportunity to see our top tips on How to turn your leases Green, our free guide to maximising your charity’s ESG objectives by incorporating sustainability provisions into your leases. We will also be on hand throughout the conference via the app to answer any questions you may have on this.

For those of you who do not know us, Birketts LLP is a top 50 full-service law firm with offices in London, Sevenoaks, Ipswich, Norwich, Cambridge, and Chelmsford. Our specialist Charities Team advises a number of charity clients (both big and small) on a wide range of matters affecting charity shops. We pride ourselves on providing our charity retail clients with clear and concise advice in a commercial and pragmatic way, based on an understanding of your needs and objectives.

The CRA’s Charity Retail Conference is a fantastic event to be a part of – it is always so positive, welcoming and joyful, with a wonderful variety of charities and corporate members in attendance. We look forward to chatting to lots of you in June!

Louisa and Amy
Birketts LLP

The app will be available in the few days running up to Conference in June.

17/05/2024 10:13