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Sustainability – Creativity – Community

Fancy a career which is incredibly rewarding? A career which makes a massive contribution to sustainable living, involves working with the most brilliant bunch of people and provides brilliant opportunities to improve skills, gain knowledge, and work in the service of amazing good causes?

Try charity retail. This is more than just a career – it’s a vocation.

There are 10,200 charity shops in the UK, owned and run by a variety of good causes, ranging from animal sanctuaries to hospices, from medical research to the relief of poverty, from air ambulances to child welfare and more.

When you work in charity retail you know that the benefit is not just your salary. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that every minute you spend at work is contributing to a great cause and promoting reuse. You’ll meet amazing people. And on top of all that you can indulge your passion for fashion, books, vinyl, furniture, homewares and many other things by sorting, curating and above all, get the satisfaction of rehoming these items with happy customers.

Through a charity shop career you can perform:

  • great customer service
  • item sorting, pricing and merchandising
  • indulge in a specialism – such as books and music
  • demonstrate your online selling and social media skills
  • try a unique, creative style of shop management
  • start a ‘green’ career, and emphasise the sustainable benefits of charity shops.

But don’t take our word for it – read the first three stories from some of our great colleagues around the UK in our Charity Shop Careers series.

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So how do you get a job in charity retail? One way is to – take a look at our jobs board!

25/01/2024 08:41