charity shop fashion week

Charity Shop Fashion Week 2023

25 September – 1 October

As part of Sustainable Fashion Week, with its theme of ‘The Rewear Revolution‘, we will once again be running our social media campaign to promote far and wide the best preloved fashion photos and reels from our members’ charity shops. We want to see sustainability, diversity and creativity. So start sending those expertly curated and crafted preloved fashion photos and reels in now!

Send your best preloved fashion photos with some explanatory text to, and DM your reels to @welovecharityshops. We’ll post across all of our channels throughout 25 Sept – 1 Oct, and with your, and our sustainable fashion friends’, help in sharing we can show how and why charity retail excels in the wider fashion retail scene.

Deadline: 15 September.

Here’s some inspiration from last year!

30/07/2023 18:00