Charity Shop Manifesto for the next Parliament  

Ahead of the upcoming general election, we have today set out our priorities for the sector for the 2024-2029 Parliament, which we hope the next government will adopt to boost the growth of charity retail and reuse.

The priorities will inform our lobbying and campaigning work and focus on the central role a thriving second-hand retail market will need to play in achieving Net Zero by 2050.

We are asking individual candidates to recognise the importance of charity shops in their campaign material, social media content, debates and media appearances. We also have a social media graphic for candidates pledging their support for charity retail. If you are lucky enough to come into contact with any candidates, please consider pointing them in our direction!

The Charity Shop Manifesto sets out seven steps for putting reduction and reuse at the heart of Net Zero, including:

  • Ensuring clothing sold in the UK is durable and easy to repair to reduce excessive consumption and waste
  • Priotising reuse in household collection and takeback schemes
  • Encouraging well designed and well-funded producer responsibility schemes for electrical goods, textiles and furniture
  • Embracing and improving the role of volunteers
  • Making reuse the first choice for UK Government and local authority purchasing of household goods
  • Recognising the valuable role charity shops play in supporting local high streets
  • Supporting charitable giving through the donation of goods

Read the full Charity Shop Manifesto here.

With over 130 MPs deciding to retire at this election, the next Parliament will likely see a record-breaking number of new MPs. By engaging with prospective MPs before they are elected, we can hopefully hit the ground running after the election.

If you have any questions about ensuring political neutrality during the election, then the Charity Commission’s guide provides clear advice.

The Charity Shop Manifesto social media graphic for candidates