Depop join the CRA

05/07/2021 09:03

We are thrilled to welcome Depop into our Corporate Membership. With the proliferation and expansion of ecommerce in our sector we are excited to be able to bring another stand-out player into the mix to disseminate best practice guidance, tips and support to our membership. Look out for a Charity Retail Conference session hosted by Depop coming up and loads more to come.

Here is a message from Depop:

Depop is the community-powered fashion marketplace to buy and sell unique fashion, with over 30 million registered users in more than 150 countries. With approximately 90% of its active users under the age of 26, Depop has especially strong reach with young consumers, who are adopting second-hand fashion faster than any other demographic. 

Dozens of charities are currently selling successfully on Depop, including Oxfam, Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation. Charity sellers can now access seller support, insights and accreditation to help them succeed on the platform, and we are currently offering 3 months free fees to any new charity that signs up! 

Depop is a place for anyone to discover and celebrate their style on their own terms, and to feel good about their fashion choices by extending the lives of millions of garments. Our community is inclusive, diverse, progressive and creative – focusing on creating unique looks, new trends and making new from old. 

To get involved, download the Depop app and set up a free account – then contact our charity team for accreditation and training at

Alternatively you can contact Agustina in Depop’s community team on

We’ll help your charity succeed on Depop!