Free coaching offer from Deloitte

06/04/2021 11:05

As part of their 5 Million Futures programme, Deloitte is looking to apply the skills they use every day with their clients to help charities build back from the impact of the pandemic. The topics that you can choose from to work through with Deloitte employees include:

  • The Challenges of leading through COVID – a two-hour session with a senior professional from Deloitte     
  • Problem solving through collaborative brainstorming – working with a small team of Deloitte volunteers (recommended as 2 x 40-minute sessions)[1]
  • Financial planning guidance – a personal workshop to support your financial planning through the pandemic (recommended as 2 x 40-minute sessions)

[1] Please note: specialist topics (e.g. GDPR, optimal governance structures, safeguarding considerations), should not be covered within the challenges you bring forward, as collaborative brainstorming are intended for more general problem-solving approaches.

Depending on the topic you pick, you’ll be matched with a Partner or Director at Deloitte, a team of up to five Deloitte employees or a Deloitte professional with experience in financial planning. These sessions will either be structured as a two-hour session or across 2 x 40-minute sessions. The first calendar invite will be booked by We are Futures and you will arrange any follow up call with the Deloitte employees on your initial call.

There are a limited number of opportunities, offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so please do sign up promptly if you are interested. The application deadline is noon on the 23rd of April but the earlier you can sign up the better as it will allow more time to schedule the sessions.There are a limited number of opportunities, offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so please do sign up promptly if you are interested.

Follow these three easy steps to take part:

Step one

Play the video below to find out more about this exciting virtual coaching opportunity.

Step two

Click on this link to register for virtual coaching sessions, select which topics you would like to work through with the Deloitte volunteers, and fill in when you are available in May. Please remember to keep a hold in your diary for these slots and notify us if your availability changes. Once we have received all your details we will be able to match you with a volunteer. Please allow for at least one week for this matching process.

Step three

You will get an email confirming your session and time, followed by a reminder a week before you are due to meet with your very own Deloitte volunteer(s). You will also be sent a discussion guide a week in advance of the booking, showing how the sessions will be structured and how to get the best out of them.

This opportunity is offered by the Charity Retail Association in partnership with Deloitte and We are Futures.