Good Cause Santa Claus 2022


Our annual campaign #GoodCauseSantaClaus returns to encourage festive shoppers to purchase from charity shops and to help us spread the word about the wonders of preloved.

The popularity of second-hand is booming as people embrace the fun of finding pre-loved treasures and the satisfaction of benefiting a charity and the environment. Buying from charity shops reduces the volume of new items that need to be produced and shipped around the world as well as minimising waste by giving items a second – maybe even a third – life.

How charity retailers can take part:

1. Share our social media content on your platforms
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1. #CharityShops are fantastic places to shop for special and unique #gifts and support great causes. Find charity shops near you on our website at ??✨ #SustainableFashion #PreLoved #Shopping #Charities #Presents

2. Buying presents from a charity shop is a great way to:
?Find lots of unique and pre-loved gifts
?Raise money for good causes
♻️Help the planet by supporting reuse
❤️Help bring communities together
Take part in our #GoodCauseSantaClaus campaign to spread the word ?

3. ‘Tis the season to deck the halls in fairy lights! Whether you’re looking for decorations for yourself or gifts for loved ones, #CharityShops are a great place to pick up special presents this year ✨?#GoodCauseSantaClaus

4. Books are one of the most versatile gifts you can give, from cookbooks and gardening tips to autobiographies and much-loved children’s stories. Charity shops are a great place to find timeless classics alongside the latest bestsellers. #GoodCauseSantaClaus ??

5. Be a #GoodCauseSantaClaus and make #CharityShops your main shopping destination for presents this year. They’re fantastic for finding unique #gifts and giving you inspiration for everyone else! ??#Sustainable #PreLoved

6. Making charity shops your go-to shopping destination for gifts supports important causes and promotes reuse and sustainability. Why not give it a go this year and see what presents you find? ??♻️ #GoodCauseSantaClaus

7. By choosing to buy presents from charity shops, you are:

✅Helping to raise money for good causes

?Promoting reuse and sustainability

?️Supporting your local high streets

Thank you for being a #GoodCauseSantaClaus!?

2. Display a poster

3. Use the hashtag #GoodCauseSantaClaus to highlight items on sale that would be ideal gifts on social media.

4. Issue the compliment slip to present-buying customers so the recipient understands the good the gift has done.


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