Good Cause Santa Clause returns for 2019

Secret Santa is a simple and fun way for family, friends and colleagues to exchange gifts at Christmas. We will be asking the many millions of people taking part in Secret Santa this Christmas to buy their gifts from charity shops.

For anyone who hasn’t yet taken part in Secret Santa before, it works as follows:

  • The name of each person taking part is put in a box
  • Each person then picks out a name at random
  • Everyone then buys a secret gift for the person whose name they pulled out of the box

There is normally a limit on the amount of money that can be spent on the gift. This is often set at £5 or £10 and most charity shops will have a large number of potential gifts available for below these amounts.

Encouraging people to buy their secret santa gifts in charity shops is a good way to win over a new group of customers to charity retail.

We have a range of materials which members can use to promote the scheme which can be accessed in the members area of our website. Please log in here.

Image by annca from Pixabay