Here are our three health and safety posters, perfect for displaying in your shop backrooms, they are useful tools to help maintain a safe and accident-free shop environment.

>> You can also order health and safety induction guides

Each poster is A3, portrait, consistently branded and in colour, covering the ‘Four steps in safe sorting’, ‘Safe lifting and carrying’ and the ‘Shop safety dos and don’ts’.

All three posters can be purchased for under £1 per set (or 40p for an individual poster, discounts for bulk orders).

No. of sets of 3 posters Price per set P&P
1-5 £1.00 £3.85
6-10 £1.00 £4.50
11-20 £1.00 £7.00
21-50 £1.00 £12.00
51-100 £0.90 £20.00
101-200 £0.85 £25.00
200+ £0.80 From £30.00

Or 45p + VAT per individual poster (please contact us for bulk orders of individual posters).

P&P costs are a guide as charges will vary slightly according to actual postage costs

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