The importance of a strong work force

Guest blog by Precycle Group, October 2023

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The Precycle Group is a family-run business, driving sustainability through reuse initiatives since 1999.  The group, through a cluster of companies and supply chain partners, divert over 600 tonnes of reusable materials each week from landfill, providing a great service for clients and driving income through continuous innovation.

The Precycle Group is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable working environment for all staff and sub-contractors. We fully recognise that a strong, happy, and vibrant workforce is vital to the sustainable success of the company to achieve sensible strategic growth.  The Precycle Group provide excellent employment opportunities to local communities and are very pro-active in recruiting strong team players that add value to the existing force. Our tried and tested in-house training systems can accelerate career advancement and reward staff for hard work. This approach and attitude of the senior management team has demonstrated growth in productivity by investing more time and revenue in new and existing employees. We are very aware of creating future success through a strong workforce to promote better health and wellbeing that will drive futures sales and improve customer service.

In conclusion, The Precycle group are at the forefront of the reuse sector, seeking scalable and sustainable ways to reuse materials. Our aim for zero waste solutions to reduce waste costs will only be achieved by the recruitment of new staff and allowing existing colleagues to flourish within the business.

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11/10/2023 17:56