Target those actively seeking work in the charity retail sector by placing an advert on our web page Charity Retail Jobs.

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15% discount + VAT

‘Featured’ adverts appear in a highlighted box, at the top of the web search and the email alert, and on the home page. Adverts are displayed for 4 weeks or until the closing date, whichever is sooner.

Additionally, these adverts are included in a mailing sent weekly to those who have specifically asked to receive details of current job opportunities. Adverts are also promoted regularly on Twitter and we may advertise the role with third parties to boost the coverage of the position (if you don’t want us to post with a third party then please let us know when applying).

How to submit your advert:

• State ‘Featured’ or ‘Standard’ advert
• Job description
• Job location
• Salary
• State Full/Part Time and any other contract info (e.g. 1 year fixed)
• Closing date
• Application method: e.g. link to your website
• Your logo
• Your Twitter handle (if applicable)

Take advantage of this low-cost, quick and flexible service by contacting Alex on 0300 030 1088 or email: