Join our Directory of Charity Shop Influencers and connect with charity shops across the country

Calling all charity shop advocates and content creators! We are updating and redesigning our Influencer Directory, a resource linking charity retailers with individuals that like to promote charity shops on social media.

Interested in taking part in the Directory of Charity Shop Influencers? Here are some points for content creators to consider:

  • Social media accounts used must be visibly mainly promoting sustainability and/or charity shops.
  • There should be at least 1000 genuine followers on chosen platform(s)
  • Will you promote a local charity, a national charity or not have a preference?
  • Will you volunteer, wish to be paid, or be open to discussion. Ethical Influencers is a great source of advice in this area. Your preference will not be made public
  • The CRA is not responsible for discussions that take place between charity and influencer, and the CRA is not responsible for the agreement between charity and influencer
  • If you are unsure how to handle a conversation about promoting a charity, Ethical Influencers has great advice
  • Age 18+

What we need from you:

  • 5 images of your charity retail content, each with a link to the corresponding social media post
  • The name you want to be known by
  • You social media handles for this purpose only
  • A short bio
  • Your audience in general
  • Your general location
  • Your email address
  • If you’d prefer to be contacted about local or national opportunities, or both
  • If you’d like to be contacted about volunteer or paid opportunities, or both
  • If you are happy for CRA to use the photos you’ve submitted (with credit)

Get in touch

Please send your request to join the Charity Retail Association’s Influencer Directory with the above information to

Guidance for charities

We have also created some guidance for charities on what to consider when partnering with a content to creator to promote charity retail. Please consider:

  • What level of help are you looking for?
    • Is this a volunteer role? Therefore will you recruit, induct, support etc., in the same way you would a shop volunteer?
    • Are you looking for a professional freelancer for paid work?
    • Are you looking for informal local support from someone who sees this as a hobby?
  • Whatever the expectation, make sure both you and the influencer agree and that boundaries and fairness are not overstepped
  • Have a process and criteria in place to choose the right influencer for your charity. For example, does their typical content suit your charity? Are you taking equity, diversity and inclusion into account? Does the influencer have the capacity to publish posts at the frequency you expect?

CRA members can log in to view the current version of our Influencer Directory. Please contact for more information.

01/12/2023 11:46