Looking for volunteers?

12/07/2021 08:33

Try our database

You can submit requests to access the contact details of potential volunteers in your area. We now have nearly 3,000 people nationwide who are eager to help on www.charityshopvolunteer.org.uk.

The database helps to match potential volunteers with shops who are experiencing volunteer shortages as potential volunteers can enter their postcode and the causes they are interested in.

The platform has been built for Charity Retail Association members free of charge by Wil-U, who are on a mission to provide innovative technology that revolutionises how communities connect with charities.

How to find volunteers

  1. On this page of the members’ area of our website, scroll down to ‘How to find volunteers’ and click on ‘Please fill in this form’
  2. You will be sent a spreadsheet of names and contact details based on the information you submit in the form. In a separate email you will be sent a password for the spreadsheet.
  3. You can then contact your potential volunteers.

Please help us to build up the list of potential volunteers!

1. Share our social media posts

2. Share the link www.charityshopvolunteer.org.uk with your supporters

3. Ask your celebrity ambassadors/influencers to share the news and the link