Mentoring is the perfect personal development activity. Falling into the ‘personal and professional development’ arena, and highly suited to e-communication, why not impart your knowledge or offer guidance in areas that have become vital for the sector. Alternatively, improve and develop your own skill set, or be guided through tough times.

How the CRA can help
Our mentoring platform is a guided matchmaking process that enables our members to build effective mentoring relationships, whereby they can either explore areas of their professional life they wish to develop, or give back by offering their own expertise.

Our charity members can act as either mentors and/or mentees. Corporate members can also take part as mentors only.

Sharing knowledge and ambition with other charity retailers helps to strengthen our sector while giving personal and professional development and satisfaction to those involved.


  • Receive advice and guidance to help them boost their skills
  • Expand their view of the charity retail sector
  • Gain important insight into their areas of interest
  • Obtain feedback from experienced professionals


  • Contribute to the development of emerging professionals
  • Develop additional skills not required in their current position
  • Improve their own practice as a result of being exposed to new ideas and areas to explore
  • Expand connections and networks

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