The Charity Shop Gift Card is GO!

06/10/2021 15:44

We are delighted that Pilgrims Hospices in east Kent are the first of our members to go live with The Charity Shop Gift Card. Many congratulations to them for leading the way.

They launched the card in all their 30 stores, and are very pleased to be the first in the UK to do so.

Tim Stewart, Retail and Business Development Manager at Pilgrims Hospices said:

“We are very grateful to CRS Business Systems for having the system set up on our tills ready for launch, and for Lee Fellows’ help in getting the card off the ground in the first place, we believe that this is a very exciting addition to the sector.

We are delighted to be supporting this new initiative to offer a truly national charity shop gift card in the UK, and even more pleased to be the first charity in the UK to do so. We are excited to be able to tap into the huge and growing gift card market.

With such a focus on reuse it is essential that we make the purchase of preloved fashion and furniture as easy as possible for our consumers, and this is just another way for us to do this.

The Charity Shop Gift Card can be redeemed at any participating charity shop, and can be purchased in any of Pilgrims Hospice’s shops. Customers can choose the value they want to put on the card, so they are an ideal Christmas present for the ever growing number of people who are keen charity shop customers.

We’re looking forward to many more of you joining the scheme prior to the Christmas rush. To join please initially contact Lee Fellows on