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Volunteers’ Week 2024 – charity retail assets

Volunteers’ Week, celebrated between the 3 and 9 of June this year is a week in which the UK celebrates volunteers and says thank you to them for the contribution that they make.

We have created some charity retail-specific assets and text. As ever, please feel free to take part by using our content, displayed below. Maybe add your own branding. Or use our assets as inspiration to make your own. Or ask Susan to tweak them in whatever way you need and she’ll see what she can do – susan@charityretail.org.uk.

Use hashtag #VolunteersWeek and please tag us!

We’ll be posting across all the above channels, 3-9 June.


Suggested text

187000 volunteers
Thank you to all those amazing individuals who volunteer in charity retail – 187000 of you in the UK alone. You make charity shops what they are. Each one a unique treasure trove of, not only items, but people too. #VolunteersWeek #CharityShops #CharityShopVolunteer 🙏💚🤩

Sorters, pricers …
Thank you charity retail volunteers for the broad range of skills you bring to make shops thrive. Whether you prefer the back room or front of house, warehouse or ecommerce – each skill is valued and appreciated. #VolunteersWeek #CharityShops #CharityShopVolunteer #RetailSkills 🙏💚🤩

Cause promoters, reuse champions
Each volunteer has their own reasons for taking on a charity retail role – it could be the cause, it could be environmental, it could be to engage with the community – and many other reasons. We thank each and every one of you for choosing charity shops! #VolunteersWeek #CharityShops #CharityShopVolunteer #Sustainability #Charity #Community 🙏💚🤩

Talkers, listeners
Thank you to those volunteers who listen, who are happy to talk, who we can rely on when we need a shoulder to cry on and also when we need a trip to the pub! Charity shops are communities within communities, supporting people at many levels. #VolunteersWeek #CharityShops #CharityShopVolunteer #Community #Wellbeing #SocialValue 🙏💚🤩

E-shop roles
Thank you to those volunteers that stepped into online selling, with their own specialist knowledge and love of listing! Your provide a real boost to charity retail in an area with so many exciting possibilities and innovations. #VolunteersWeek #CharityShops #CharityShopVolunteer #ecommerce #onlineshop 🙏💚🤩

Team members, tea makers
Thank you to those volunteers that go the extra mile to make the team’s day. Everyone loves it when the kettle goes on and the biscuits come out. Or someone brings in their baking. Or you hear that one of your fellow volunteers is doing the charity’s fun walk. For those gestures that make everyone feel good and part of a team – we thank you! #VolunteersWeek #CharityShops #CharityShopVolunteer #Community #Wellbeing #TeamWork #TeaAndBiscuits 🙏💚🤩

Bloggers, vloggers
Thank you to those budding charity shop media stars who take the time to showcase just how excellent our sector is. Whether it’s charity shop fashion, homewares, furniture, windows, interiors, people, events – spreading the word across social media helps everyone to understand the good the sector does. #VolunteersWeek #CharityShops #CharityShopVolunteer #SocialMedia #Influencer #SustainableFashion 🙏💚🤩

Thank you to everyone who donates the gift of time to support charity shops – we mean YOU charity shop volunteers. You are THE BEST! #VolunteersWeek #CharityShops #CharityShopVolunteer 🙏💚🤩

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