Introducing Charity Retail Learning™

Are you looking for more support on your recruitment journey? Why not take a look at Charity Retail Learning™? They have a short 30-minute e-learning course on charity retail recruitment. It’s free to use and should provide you with all you need to know about recruitment in the charity retail sector.

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Upskilling increases your chances of finding employment in any sector, and charity retail is no different. In a competitive job market, having the right skills and knowledge sets you apart from other applicants. Enrolling on a course helps you gain the inside track on what recruiters are looking for in potential hires.

Also available:

Charity Retail – History, Trends, and current statistics

This course is a great, free introduction to the sector. Hear about how charity shops work, the origins of charity retail as we know it in the UK and key facts and information on charity retail today.

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Shopping for a Cause

This video gives a fascinating insight into how charity shops began, way back in the 1700s and their journey and impact through the ages.

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Whether you’re new to charity retail or seeking new skills, ongoing learning will help to guide you through our versatile and dynamic sector!