The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering in charity retail is a rewarding experience that goes beyond the simple act of giving back. It also offers personal and professional development. By volunteering, you can gain valuable experience for your CV, and potentially advance your career. And there’s a diverse range of volunteering opportunities available within the sector!

Valuable experience for CVs

Volunteering is invaluable for learning. Everyone should do it at least once! Volunteers are involved in almost all aspects of retail, gaining practical and working knowledge. This is particularly beneficial for those just entering the workforce or transitioning to a new industry.

Being a volunteer grants an opportunity to develop skills that are highly sought after in today’s job market. From customer service and teamwork to stock management and merchandising, volunteering gains you hands-on experience that can really help you to stand out when applying for jobs.

It also demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility and community, which is highly attractive to potential employers!

Potential career advancement

Often, volunteering can serve as a stepping stone to a rewarding career. Many volunteers discover a passion for retail during their time in charity shops and choose to pursue further education or training in the area. Others use their volunteer experience as a platform to transition into paid roles within the charity sector or gain entry-level positions in retail companies.

Volunteering can also provide opportunities for networking and building relationships with like-minded professionals in the industry. This can lead to possible mentorship and career guidance.

Diverse range of volunteering roles

Charity retail offers many roles to suit different interests and skills. Whether you prefer serving customers on the shop floor, sorting donations in the backroom, or even assisting with online sales. There is a role for everyone! Volunteers can sometimes choose to specialise in areas such as fashion, books, or homeware. Roles like visual merchandising are gaining popularity, allowing volunteers to align their interests with their volunteering experience.

CRA members FARA are an example of this, find out more about their Visual Merchandising Volunteer role here –

In summary, consider volunteering to discover the fulfilment that comes from making a positive difference in the community, whilst also advancing your own skills and career prospects. Unlock a world of opportunities!

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