more than a shop 2024

More than a shop, 22-29 April 2024

The next campaign in the CRA’s calendar is More than a shop. This campaign celebrates and aims to raise attention to the fact that a charity shop is no regular high street shopping experience – it is so much more. No other form of retail has the charitable, social and reuse functions that we have, all rolled up into a thoroughly special place to spend some time. Bearing in mind that there are over 10,000 of these spaces out there in the UK alone – we think the public need to know!

As ever, please feel free to take part by using our assets and captions. Maybe add your own branding. Or use our assets as inspiration to make your own. Or ask Susan to tweak them in whatever way you need and she’ll see what she can do –

Maybe you can think of some more things that ‘Charity shops are …’ and I can add them to the collection of assets.

Use hashtag #MoreThanAShop. We’ll be posting across 22-29 April, and the assets are here:

Suggested captions

We are reuse experts
#CharityShops massively reduce the volume of reusable items thrown away each year by finding new homes for #SecondHand goods. Every year, charity shops divert 339,000 tonnes of clothing from landfill. ♻️ #MoreThanAShop #Reuse #Circularity

We are community
#CharityShops are at the heart of their #communities – where they are needed. The staff and volunteers are often people you see everyday on your high street, different characters with an infectious camaraderie that makes charity shops inviting and great places for a chat and a browse. Try an afternoon of volunteering – you won’t regret it! Charities often get involved in local events, and hold events of their own, bringing people together. #SocialValue #CommunitySpirit

We are fund-raisers
#CharityShops raise more than £300m every year. This funding is vitals to the causes served by the shops. Donors and shoppers alike can be happy in the knowledge that they are contributing to this essential income stream – and everyone knows someone who has been helped by a charity in one way or another. #MoreThanAShop #IncomeGeneration #CharitableCauses #CharityIncome #Hospices

We are the face of great causes
#CharityShops represent the charities they serve, and are instantly recognisable reminders to the public of just why they are there on high streets. Instant profile raising of issues that we should never forget. 💚 #MoreThanAShop #GoodCauses #CharityMission #CharitableAims

We are high street champions
#CharityShops add vibrancy and variety to high streets, attracting large numbers of donors, volunteers, staff and shoppers to the area. They help to boost footfall and encourage people to visit nearby businesses. Charity shops make incredible use of the shop units they inhabit and are versatile enough to ‘pop-up’ where needed, e.g. empty units, street stalls, local events. 🛍️🏬 #MoreThanAShop #HighStreet #Shopping #ShopLocal

We are inclusion advocates
#CharityShops promote inclusion by encouraging people from different backgrounds to come together to connect and socialise, volunteer, shop and browse. Charity shops are also important in helping to tackle loneliness and social exclusion. 🗨️🙋‍♀️ #MoreThanAShop #Inclusion #Loneliness #volunteering

We are retail upskillers
#CharityShops offer loads of opportunities for learning new #skills, such as using the till, visual merchandising, customer service, health and safety, maintaining a shop floor, social media skills – not to mention the increase in online sales. You will gain experience and build confidence, all with that added extra we all need from our work/volunteering space – satisfaction! Who knows where these skills will take you! 💡💼 #MoreThanAShop #CharityShopCareers #RetailSkills #CharityRetail #RetailJobs #Upskilling #PersonalDevelopment

We are sustainable fashion pioneers
#CharityShops are leading the way in championing #SustainableFashion, providing shoppers with a huge variety of preloved clothing, accessories and home decor. If fashion is your thing, what better way to spend some spare time browsing through the rails in a charity shop and curating truly unique outfits that don’t cost the earth. 🛍️♻️ #MoreThanAShop #PrelovedStyle #CharityShopFinds

We are affordable home-starters
#CharityShops can be an incredible source of sustainable and affordable furniture and homewares – perfect for starting your first home. Create your own unique home style and prove that stylish interiors don’t have to cost the earth. #MoreThanAShop #SustainableLiving #SecondHandFurniture #HomeFurnishings

We are the source of £75.3bn of social value
The CRA commissioned research to understand the #SocialValue generated by UK #CharityShops aligning to the International Principles of Social Value and conducted in accordance with the SROI framework published by the Cabinet Office of the UK Government. The report uses the views of people who experience most material change or outcomes as a result of their engagement with charity shops: staff, volunteers, customers, and donors. During the calendar year 2022, a total of £75.3 billion of social value was generated by UK charity shops. Read more on our website.

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