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Webinar: Outcomes from Buy Nothing New Month

In January 2023, environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy delivered a new behaviour change intervention – Buy Nothing New Month – a digital campaign embracing buying nothing new for the whole of January, “to save your pennies and protect your planet”. Throughout the month, they shared a host of tips and tricks on how people can buy nothing new and make the most of what they already have. They called on people to rethink what they want versus what they need, reconsider if they can repair versus replace and think about whether they can rent, borrow or buy second-hand rather than buy new.

Informed by their report, Shifting the public’s focus from recycling to waste prevention: How do we move people up the waste hierarchy? which identified the public’s fundamental misunderstanding of the waste hierarchy, where waste is seen as something to be ‘managed’ rather than prevented, Buy Nothing New Month aimed to shift the narrative from focusing on what people throw away to what people buy and strengthen the link people make between what they buy and their environmental impact, particularly in relation to climate.

Keep Britain Tidy are inviting you to a webinar on Tuesday 11 July at 10am where they will present an overview of the Buy Nothing New Month campaign, its main outputs and outcomes and their learnings. They’ll also look ahead to the next Buy Nothing New Month in January 2024, including their plans to involve more partners in the campaign and the new empirical research that will inform campaign development. They hope that interested colleagues will join them as they continue the conversation about how to drive the widespread adoption of waste prevention behaviours for sustainable consumption.

Register for the 45 minute webinar here. If you cannot make the date, please register and they’ll send a link to the recording. Please do share with colleagues.

22/06/2023 13:21