Want to find out about the newest products, unique insights and tech from our corporate members? All in 30 minutes? These bitesize downloadable webinars could be right up your virtual street …

The CRA are keen to expand the online portfolio of specialist insight available to charity members. As we operate in a time poor sector, where not everyone can log in to a ‘live webinar’ at a set time and date, we are offering a new online resource that charity members can download at their leisure during a spare half hour.

Our Virtual Market Launch webinar is …

Kickstart the new year by setting your volunteer program up for success in 2024!
with Rosterfy

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Join volunteer management experts Rosterfy, and dive into the Top 5 trends in volunteer management. Discover how to inspire Gen-Z to rally behind your cause, unlock the power of corporate volunteering partnerships, and empower your young volunteers to shape the future of your program. Don’t miss out on this 30-minute webinar that will revolutionise your approach to volunteer management.

Watch here

Our second webinar is now available!

Textiles Market, Time for Action
with ELT Global

Join Dawn Dungate, Director of Sustainability at ELT Global, on a journey to raise your awareness of the current world-wide influences that have redefined the ‘used textiles industry’ and how it impacts on your relationship with your textiles merchant / collector.

This topical 30-minute presentation includes information on how to understand the different types of merchants, case studies on costs, and makes the case for why it’s important to keep textile sorting in the UK.

For your copy please email Kelly-Marie Marshall at kelly@charityretail.org.uk.