Fortune Eximports celebrate milestone in groundbreaking fibre-extraction initiative

A guest blog by Tosh Vyas of Fortune Eximports, providing an update on their new SoluTex initative…

Fortune Eximports’ new research project, SoluTex, reached a new milestone earlier this month when they successfully completed their first phase of lab scale research to extract fibre from end of life clothing.

The project aims to ‘close the circular economy loop’ by providing a solution that takes clothing in any condition and turns it back into raw materials, ready for retail level production – significantly reducing CO2 emissions and preventing millions of tons of textiles from ending up in landfills.

The extracted raw materials would then be transformed into brand-new garments through a process that involves converting fibre into yarn and ultimately into fresh clothing for the fashion industry, thereby repurposing end-of-life clothing.

Fortune Eximports have now extended the project by an additional three months to allow for time to refine the research, aiming to make the initiative financially viable for the fashion industry, and are now looking for investment partners to support SoluTex. Find out more about SoluTex here:

31/05/2024 14:25