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How labelling technology can boost profit and efficiency in charity retail

Guest blog by CRA Corporate Member and Charity Retail Conference Headline Sponsor, Brother UK

Charity shops are bustling hubs of activity, where dedicated volunteers and staff work tirelessly to support important causes.

Amid the busy day-to-day operations, finding ways to streamline tasks and improve efficiency is crucial. One of the significant opportunities for charity retailers lies in adopting labelling technology to give teams more time to focus on helping customers, while increasing charity revenues, through clear and effective Gift Aid labelling.

At Brother UK, we offer printing solutions designed to make charity shop operations smoother, more efficient and cost-effective. Our technology integrates with many of the leading charity point-of-sale systems on the market, ensuring that essential tasks like labelling are quick and accurate, freeing up valuable time for staff and volunteers.

The Brother RJ range of mobile printers, for example, features 2, 3 and 4-inch wireless portable label printers that enable on-the-spot printing. This eliminates the need for fixed-location printers, speeding up the shop-floor or stockroom labelling process and reducing the risk of mislabelling.

Our labelling solutions are designed to make it easier for charities to claim Gift Aid. Maximising the revenue from donations is a vital task for charities, particularly in a cost-of-living crisis, and simple and affordable tools like our labelling solutions are available to help make the most of Gift Aid. The accurate and trackable labels also help charities manage their inventory more effectively, ensuring they can maximise their resources too.

Additionally, our TD-2 range, which will be showcased at stand 14, offers the ability to print sharp text, logos, and barcodes on one of the smallest footprint printers on the market. This ensures faultless scanning and produces high-quality receipts and labels, optimising the Gift Aid process without taking up valuable counter space.

Labelling might seem like a small aspect of charity retail operations, but it plays a crucial role in the overall efficiency, profitability and productivity of a store. By investing in advanced labelling technology, charity shops can increase profit from donations and streamline operations, allowing them to focus more on their core mission — helping customers and supporting their causes.

To learn more about how you can optimise your labelling processes and boost productivity, visit Brother UK at stand 14 at this year’s Charity Retail Conference. We’re excited to share our solutions and help you tackle the challenges facing the charity retail sector today.

07/06/2024 15:59