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A series of topical webinars for charity retailers across autumn 2023. The recordings are now available to CRA members to share with their teams and watch back for extra learning and development.

Please request from Susan Meredith at and she will send via WeTransfer.

Hiring for success – 05:12:23

Despite hiring remaining the most important people process we have, research shows that all too often the star performer we wanted to hire turns out to be a bit… “Meh!” Why? Why do some hires turn out to be just a bit average or maybe, occasionally, worse? This webinar will consider some of the reasons behind this, put a price on what this costs us and give you practical, tangible, steps to enhance your hiring process and enable you to make better hiring decisions.

Russell Beck, influential business speaker and Director of Inspiration at ImagineThinkDo
Russell Beck is passionate about the world of work and helping leaders unlock the power of themselves and their people. He consults with leadership teams delivering keynotes, interactive workshops, and internationally accredited development programmes. An acknowledged thought leader, he is regularly interviewed for articles including in The Financial Times. Russell draws on a diverse background having worked as an engineering project-leader in 25 countries, as European Head of Talent for Yahoo! and as Managing Director of a £120 million talent outsourcing business. His first book, ‘The world of work to 2030,’ published by Bloomsbury Press, will be available in early 2024.
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How can charity shops take climate action? 09:11:2023

Understanding and mitigating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is becoming essential for all organisations. Charity shops are no different. In fact, there is increased scrutiny on the charity sector in relation to waste, energy, social and environmental impact. According to recent research, 88% of charities are concerned about the impacts of climate change but not enough credible, science-based climate action was being taken by organisations. Alison Heppenstall – Managing Director, Crispin Sykes – Sustainability Lead, and Mehak Sudan – Senior Impact Lead from Climate Action for Associations explain the basics, terminology, what is or will be expected of organisations, and share practical steps of how to reduce the emissions of your charity shops. Contact for the webinar recording.

Ali Heppenstall – Founder and Director of Climate Action for Associations (CAFA)
Ali has more than 25 years’ experience working hands-on with more than 60 leading NGOs, professional bodies, and trade associations to implement growth, impact and new revenue generation programmes, Ali’s work with leading international climate and sustainability NGOs such as the Carbon Trust and The Climate Group, led her to recognise the critical role associations play in accelerating climate action. So, Ali went on to establish CAFA, a not-for-profit, that provides climate action and sustainability leadership, information, guidance, and emissions reporting solutions specifically for the membership sector. CAFA is an official accelerator for the UN backed Race to Zero campaign and is currently working with BSI and ISO to develop net zero guidelines framework specifically for membership organisations.
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Unlocking potential through coaching19:10:2023

Dan O’Driscoll goes beyond theory and provides you with practical insights and tools to harness the full potential of coaching. Through real-world examples and first-hand accounts, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how coaching can elevate your skills and those of your team. We hear from individuals who have experienced the impact of coaching as they generously share their personal journeys and insights.

Dan O’Driscoll – Owner of Engagement Consultancy
A qualified leadership coach, third sector consultant and facilitator, with over 17 years of experience working across commercial, charity, and higher education sectors. Working with individuals and teams, Dan brings a wealth of experience which has enabled him to deliver practical and pragmatic approaches to leadership coaching. He is also an associate member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. Dan’s mission is to empower individuals to unlock their potential, improve performance, and achieve lasting outcomes through coaching.
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Creating a net zero action plan21:09:2023

With a growing push from boards for charities to work towards being carbon neutral, how can we do this within retail when we have lots of shops each with their own unique features and lots of travel of both goods and people across the chain? Beth Mukushi shares information about the Growing Climate Confidence initiative in Scotland which aims to help charities take proportionate action to address the climate emergency.

Resources shared during the meeting were:

and contact Susan Meredith at for the webinar recording.

Beth Mukushi – Head of Support Services, SCVO
Beth leads Support Services at the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO). This includes oversight of a range of services to help charities and community groups run effectively, including support with climate action, digital, governance and funding. Beth has worked in the third sector for more than 20 years, with experience running UK wide information and advice services, digital inclusion programmes, online mental health support and international development.
Beth Mukushi – Head of Support Services, SCVO

Adam Bastock from Small99 gives an expert view on the practical actions small businesses can take, and how to cut through some of the net zero jargon to decide on the top priority for your organisation.