Visitors from South Korea

We were delighted to host the team from the BeautifulStore Foundation on Friday. The group were keen to find out about the structure of charity shops in the UK, to take back and apply learnings to their operations at home. The visit emphasised the uniqueness of the UK charity retail sector and we were interested to learn of the differences of the sector in their country. The concept of ‘the charity shop’ is still emerging in South Korea and so there is a lot of scope and room for growth.

Our guests came bearing gifts, such as the trendy hand made tote bag pictured and traditional tangerine sweets. These products are just some of the beautiful items available in their charity shops. The money raised in the stores funds a variety of projects in South Korea and abroad, with the objective of making this world a beautiful place for everyone.

We are looking forward to hearing from our friends at BeautifulStore soon and to see their future progress. You can find out more about the foundation here: