Charity Super.Mkt opens in Brighton’s Churchill Square

Charity Super.Mkt opened its latest store in Brighton on 4th July, with one its iconic launch night rummage parties.

Charity Super.Mkt’s latest pop-up took nearly £4,000 in sales on opening night, with more than 300 items sold. The collaborative event will feature clothing and accessories from several charities, including TRAID, Emmaus Brighton, Shelter Shops and Havens Hospices.

More headline stats from the Churchill Square opening night include…

Waste saved (KG)96.85 kg
Waste saved (Tonne)0.1 t
CO2 savings (KG)871.2 kg
CO2 Savings (Tonne)0.87 t
Cubic metres of water saved154.88 m³
Miles travelled in medium sized car3,302.50
Trees planted2.9

Take a look at the exciting launch event here…

Charity Super.Mkt is currently also operating stores in London, Glasgow, Oxford, Bristol and Reading. Find out more about their shops and upcoming plans here.

05/07/2024 15:13