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This award aims to recognise the staff and volunteers involved in the exceptional performance of a shop.

Criteria (quantitative):

  • Exceptional sales/profitability increases in the last financial year (one point)
  • Sales/profit per shop per annum as compared with the average for your charity’s shops as a whole (one point)
  • Increase in average spend per customer (one point)
  • Increase in usage of the shop (one point)
  • Decrease in annual operating costs (one point)
  • Increase in recruitment and retention of volunteers (one point)
  • Increase in amount or quality of donations to the shop (one point)
  • Other quantifiable measure (one point)

Criteria (qualitative):

  • Introduction of new activities, ideas or other fundraising carried out by the shop (five points)
  • Mentoring and support given to staff and teams from other shops (five points)
  • Other initiatives or partnerships with external groups, for example: local authorities, community groups, and local supporters (five points)


Please use this form:

Please attach any supporting documents and email complete with nomination form to awards@charityretail.org.uk. Only electronic documents will be accepted.

Deadline for entries: 8 July 2022. No nominations will be accepted after this time

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