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This award aims to recognise the staff and volunteers involved in the exceptional performance of a shop.

Criteria (quantitative):

  • Exceptional sales/profitability increases in the last financial year (one point)
  • Sales/profit per shop per annum as compared with the average for your charity’s shops as a whole (one point)
  • Increase in average spend per customer (one point)
  • Increase in usage of the shop (one point)
  • Decrease in annual operating costs (one point)
  • Increase in recruitment and retention of volunteers (one point)
  • Increase in amount or quality of donations to the shop (one point)
  • Other quantifiable measure (one point)

Criteria (qualitative):

  • Introduction of new activities, ideas or other fundraising carried out by the shop (five points)
  • Mentoring and support given to staff and teams from other shops (five points)
  • Other initiatives or partnerships with external groups, for example: local authorities, community groups, and local supporters (five points)


Entries for the awards are now closed. Join us at the Charity Retail Awards ceremony as we celebrate the winners. Good luck to all who nominated!

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