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This award celebrates the most innovative use of technology to achieve a particular objective that has had a positive impact on a charity retailer’s business. 

Judging criteria:

The type of innovation – please describe in full (five points)

  • Show how you implemented technological innovation to improve an area of the business

The creativity of the ideas (five points). Show how you:

  • Pushed the envelope when implementing innovative technologies
  • Leveraged technology

How the goals of the initiative have been achieved and how successful it has been (five points). Show how you:

  • Improved quality, retention, wellbeing or satisfaction of customers, staff, volunteers or service users related to retail
  • Increased revenue
  • Demonstrated ROI and efficiency

The potential for adaptability (five points):

  • Explain how this can be replicated in other shops or charities


Entries for the awards are now closed. Join us at the Charity Retail Awards ceremony as we celebrate the winners. Good luck to all who nominated!

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